Politically Incorrect

Cops? This generation’s Ku Klux Klan.
Who better to protect and serve in Amerikkka?
My problem is that I’m part of the percentage.
A percentage of black teens referred to as niggas.
A percentage of young, pretty girls referred to as bitches.
A percentage of teens who are actually focused but will have a much harder time achieving anything because of my skin color.
Maybe if I were light skinned, with curly hair because they go easier on black kids who look more like them.
The lighter the skin, the less of a threat.

But who’s the real threat? It’s not my people, although we’re in our worst condition in history. Anyone who’s a minority is a threat, even though this country was built on minorities. Cops. Ever noticed who they target? It’s never a true criminal or gang member. It’s a black boy going to college. A black man supporting his family. Why? Because someone in our race doing something right with our lives and rising above stereotypes is a “threat”. And in the news, they always choose the most hoodrat, thugged-out picture of the victim to represent them. Why? Because that’s America’s image of the black community. Although urban is a popular type of fashion, when us “urban teens” were it we’re hoodrats. Urban. A word used by Fox News to call us ghetto and niggers. You can’t say nigger when reporting new so “Urban teen allegedly…..” The news call it excessive force but I call it assault and murder. My parents shouldn’t be worried I’ll be next. Because we used to think they only targeted boys but apparently the cops come at girls just the same. Their not sexist when it comes to “justice”. My skin color makes me a target. My area makes me a bad person. But that’s just something I have to live with. *an original poem*